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It is a biographical fiction in the strict sense of the term.In fact, Keneally states, “most exchanges and conversations, and all events, are based on the detailed recollections of the Schindlerjuden (Schindler Jews), of Schindler himself, and of other witnesses to Oskar’s acts of outrageous rescue”.He loved carousing with his friends, business partners, acquaintances and escorts.Worse yet, he was a member of the Nazi party, initially joining its ranks out of genuine political conviction, of his own free will.

In these horrific times, slavery becomes the Jews’ only salvation.

Sometimes they are raped and beaten by their owners.

Slaves are deprived of all human rights and of their dignity.

Slavery is perhaps the most debasing system in human civilization.

It degrades human beings to the status of property. They are forced to work for free or for flimsy compensation, often in grueling and inhumane conditions.

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